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Why Should I use SMS?

Why Should I use SMS?

SMS is one of the older forms of digital communication but this doesn’t mean its past its sell date — quite the opposite in fact. For SMS, business is booming. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the staggering statistics that prove SMS should be an important part of any marketing strategy. All of the current research agrees on one thing: SMS engagement tops nearly all other forms of marketing communication. Read on to learn more about how this powerful but still underused medium can help boost your sales today!

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High Engagement

How's this for a statistic: the open rates for SMS marketing messages are around 98%. This is incredible when you consider that open rates for email are around 20%. Click-through rates for SMS are 45%, while Email averages are 6%. Because there are almost no barriers to entry with SMS, deliverability issues are close to non-existent. When you send your customers a text message, you are virtually guaranteed they will see it. Your customers don’t need to download or log into a separate app to see your SMS message, it will appear right away on their device. This is where those high open rates come into play.

The open and click-through rates for SMS are 98% and 45% respectively, while the same rates for Email average at 20% and 6%.

Simple and Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of SMS is its concise and convenient format. SMS messages don't require the same amount of copy needed to write an email campaign message. There's no subject line or long message needed. With SMS you can be simple and straight to the point. Your customers will appreciate this too — with a well written message, they will see instantly that the SMS has come from a store they were shopping on and it has a discount attached. A recent survey found that almost 70% of Americans prefer to receive a coupon on their mobile device. This makes perfect sense because it's so convenient! Your customers don't have to go looking for a coupon and they know exactly where they can find it stored on their phone.

Writing a friendly and concise message is easy and effective

Underutilized and Overpowered

While SMS Marketing is growing fast, it’s still one of the most underused messaging channels out there. This makes it much easier to reach your audience without having to cut through the noise that exists in most people’s email inboxes—with SMS you don’t have to contend with the same kind of filters, multiple inboxes and crowded marketplace that you do with Email. There are over 6 billion smartphones worldwide and nearly every smartphone has SMS capability straight out of the box. When you consider that 97% of Americans now own a smartphone and on average check their phone over 260 times a day, it’s no wonder the open rates for SMS are so high. With more business expected to migrate online, marketers are increasingly turning to SMS as the most effective way to reach their customers. Get ahead of the curve and start using SMS to recover your lost sales today.

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Updated on: 20/06/2022

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