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SMS International Sending FAQ

SMS International Sending FAQ

Our SMS feature is optimized for sending to USA and Canada. We do have coverage in most other countries but there are some that we cannot guarantee deliverability for a range of reasons, including a wide variety of local carrier restrictions.

How does SMS compliance work with international customers?

Here at Rivo, we adhere to the TCPA and CTIA guidelines no matter what country you're sending your SMS messages to. These guidelines are a solid foundation for ensuring compliance with other countries' guidelines but we cannot guarantee your store's compliance with SMS regulations outside of the US. The TCPA and CTIA guidelines share many of the same provisions as other regulations such as GDPR and CASL but you should always consult your own legal counsel to ensure that you are fully compliant with SMS regulations. You can read our TCPA and CTIA Compliance Guide here

What countries aren't served by Rivo's SMS?

Rivo sends international SMS messages (outside US & Canada) with an Alphanumeric Sender ID, which unfortunately is not supported in some countries. You can check this list to see countries that support Alphanumeric Sender ID. If the country you're sending messages to appears with a 'No' or any form of 'Preregistration required' we cannot guarantee deliverability of any SMS messages and the likelihood is that messages will not deliver.

Can I try sending SMS messages internationally?

You can use Rivo Recover to test sending SMS messages outside the US or Canada but you should first check this list, also linked above, to check if the destination country fully supports Alphanumeric Sender ID. If the country does support Alphanumeric Sender ID we still cannot guarantee deliverablity due to a wide variety of local carrier restrictions that may apply, e.g. some local carriers will automatically filter out SMS messages containing a URL or not containing certain phrasing required by law. You should always check the carrier restrictions that may apply in the destination country.

What can I do if my SMS messages aren't delivering outside the US or Canada?

Our Support team are always happy to troubleshoot issues but please note that due to the many local carrier restrictions across a large number of countries, there will be certain deliverability issues that we will not be able to troubleshoot. That being said, we will always do our best to get to the bottom of any issue if we can. Please reach out to us any time at with the details of the country you're sending SMS messages to.

Can I send SMS messages to VOIP numbers?

Unfortunately, our SMS service cannot send messages to VOIP numbers, only to regular mobile phone numbers in a mobile carrier network.

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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