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Shopify Marketing Activity

Shopify Marketing Activity

Track Rivo Recover's messaging activity in your Shopify Admin through marketing events. Each one of Rivo's automated messages represents potential for a customer to interact with your store and convert to a sale. To help keep track of each of these sales potentials, a Shopify marketing event is created for each new notification. When a customer completes an order by clicking on a Rivo notification, this sale is attributed to Rivo Recover and the attribbution can be viewed on the order's conversion summary.

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Marketing events

To view your marketing activity, from your Shopify Admin, go to Marketing > Overview and scroll to the bottom section: Activities created outside of Shopify Marketing

Here you will see a list of all Marketing Activities created outside of your main Shopify Marketing Campaigns. These will usually be from third-party apps such as Rivo Recover.

Each notification creates a marketing event

Click on an event to expand it and view the session details including the orders and sales that can be attributed to the notification:

View session details for each notification

Order conversion summary

When a customer clicks-through to checkout on a Rivo notification and completes their order, this sale is attributed to Rivo Recover. You can view the details of the conversion on the order in your Shopify Admin.

From your Shopify Admin, go to Orders.
Click on an order to view its details. On the left there is a Conversion Summary section.
Click View conversion details > View full sessions to see the session details of order attribution.

The session details of an order attributed to Rivo Recover

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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