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How to create a standout Email

How to create a standout Email

Email notifications are a classic method of recovering abandoned carts. Marketing emails can be highly effective and they are one of the most popular forms of business-to-consumer communications. Their effectiveness and popularity mean that customer's inboxes can sometimes be noisy places, overflowing with emails vying for attention. Stand out from the crowd with these core strategies and best practices!

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Core Strategies

Let's take a look at some core strategies you can use when creating an email that will convert abandoned carts into recovered sales.

Time it right

It's best practice to send your first email an hour after the customer's cart has been abandoned. Your chances of recovering carts are much higher with an email sent after an hour than one sent after a day or two. One strategy is to send a reminder-style email first after an hour showcasing what your customer's left behind, then follow up a day or two later with a discount to try and seal the deal.

Spark interest with your subject line

The subject line is your first opportunity to grab your customer's interest and is a major factor in whether customers open Emails. Your main aim with a subject line is to draw the reader in so that they'll open your Email. Shorter subject lines work best for business-to-customer emails so get their attention with a snappy subject line that's engaging and relevant.

If you are using emojis in your subject line, use them sparingly and meaningfully. A subject line crammed with emojis can look like spam. Research suggests that subject lines with emojis can be seen as less valuable and do not increase the likelihood of an email being opened. Add emojis when they have value and context. For example, if I'm running a pet food store I might add a dog or cat emoji in my subject line. This makes sense in the context of my store and will look better than say, 10 heart or fire emojis all in a row.

A well-crafted Email will stand out from the crowd

Write brief, compelling copy

With Email notifications, there are fewer constraints with character limits than there are with push and SMS notifications. This doesn't mean you need to write an essay though — with abandoned cart emails, less is more. Your email copy needs to be scannable so that readers can get the gist at a glance. Your customer doesn't want to read too much to get to the heart of what your email is about. Well-written copy should communicate clearly to the reader why they should click the Checkout button. Try to create urgency with your message. For example, you can let your customers know that their item may sell out soon, the attached discount is only good for a limited time, or your sale is ending soon.

It's most important to always write copy that is consistent with your brand's style and tone. Get creative with your messaging by using humor, pop culture references, or anything else you like! Here's a list of Abandoned Cart emails compiled by Shopify you can check out (pun intended) for some inspiration.

Add a CTA to your button

Rivo's automated emails include a prominent 'go to checkout' button that you can style to fit your brand. Add a clear call-to-action to this button. Use a command verb and keep it short but let the reader know what to expect when they click on it. If you are offering a discount, consider adding this to the button e.g. 'Claim your discount' or 'Click here for 10% off.'

An example Email offering a discount

Use Rivo's Email Design feature to add your company's colors and logo or banner image to your emails. You can use this feature to style your Checkout button to match your brand as well. If you have a banner image and want to find matching colors for your texts and button, use an online tool like to get the image's color hex codes, then add these to your Checkout button and texts.

Offer discounts

Discounts are a sure way to get your customer's attention and increase your chances of conversion with your Email. Add one automatically with Rivo's Edit discount feature on the automation dropdown. Alternatively, you can create your own in Shopify — consider adding an expiration to create a sense of urgency. While discounts work great for recovering sales, you don't need to include one with every notification. As mentioned above, try sending a reminder-style email first letting your customer know that you're saving their item — if they still don't complete their order after a day or two, follow up with another Email offering a discount.

If you do include a discount, you should clearly state the offer and how your customer can claim it. Always make sure that your offer details are consistent and that your Email content aligns with your subject line — don't offer something in the subject and fail to mention it in the email body.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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