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Getting Started with Push Notifications

Getting Started with Push Notifications

Bring your customers back to their order with one click! Web push notifications are a great way to engage directly with your customers. They are a highly visible form of notification and a vital part of any marketing and sales recovery campaign.

Note: iPhone and iPad do not currently support web push notifications.

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Editing the Message
Editing the Wait Time
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Common questions

Enable a Prompt Cover

Customers must opt-in or subscribe to receive notifications from your store. Sometimes it is easy to miss the browser's native prompt to subscribe. Enable our app's prompt cover for visitors to your site to encourage them to subscribe to push notifications.

From the dashboard, click Settings.

Click Push Notifications.

Toggle the switch ON to enable the prompt cover.

You can customize the Title and Message of the prompt.

Click Preview to review your message and Save any changes once customized.

Editing the Message

Customize the messaging of your push notifications.

Looking for some tips? Check out our guide on How to create an effective push notification.

From the dashboard, go to Automation.

Find the push notification you wish to edit and select Edit > Edit Message from the dropdown options.

Here you can edit the Title and Body of the message as well as preview the notifications on different formats.

Click Send Test for a live preview of the notification. Once you're happy with your message, Save your changes.

Editing the Wait Time

Choose how long to wait after the previous step in the Automation workflow.

Just getting started with your Automations? Check out our guide on the Automation flow here.

On the Automation page, select Edit > Edit Wait Time on the push notification.

Enter in your preferred wait time. You can choose to send after:


Adding a Discount

Add a unique discount code at checkout.

On the Automation page, click Edit on the push notification.

Select Edit Discount.

Check the box Add unique discount code for every customer.

Add the discount. There are two types:

Fixed - A fixed amount deducted from the total e.g. $5.00 off.
Percentage - A percentage of the order total e.g. 10% off.

When you've added your discount click Save.

Note: The discount code does not appear on the notification but is applied automatically to the customer's order when they click the notification and return to Checkout.

Common questions

Where will my customers see the push notifications?
This varies by Operating System. On Windows, push notifications appear above the taskbar and are handled by the Windows Action Center. On Mac Computers' macOs, push notifications are handled by the Mac OS Notifications Center. On Android devices, push notifications are delivered into the notification tray like all other notifications. Please note that the iOS for iPhone and iPad does not support web push notifications.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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