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Automation Flow Metrics

Automation Flow Metrics

From the Automations page, you can keep track of important metrics related to your push, email and SMS notifications. In this guide, we'll take a look at the metrics that are displayed on this page.

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Top-level metrics
Automation step metrics
Extra metrics
Common questions

Top-level metrics

These metrics provide a high-level overview of your Rivo Recover campaign. Let's take a look at what each metric tracks.

Top-level metrics

Total Sales: This is the value of sales recovered through Rivo Recover.

Open rate: This is the percentage of notifications that have been viewed by customers.

Push Open - When the notification appears on the customer's desktop or mobile screen.
Email Open - When the email is opened on the customer's end.
SMS Open - N/A: Unfortunately, SMS open rates cannot be tracked but research indicates they are around 98%.

Click rate: This is the percentage of notifications that were clicked through to the checkout.

Push Click - When the push notification is clicked.
Email Click - When the checkout link in the email body is clicked.
SMS Click - When the checkout link is clicked in the message body.

Automation step metrics

Each step in your automation flow has its own unique metrics. These are the same as the top-level metrics above but apply only to the automation step they are displayed on.

Each automation step has its own metrics

Sales: This is the total value of sales recovered by this step in the automation flow.
Open rate: The percentage of notifications from this step that were opened by customers.
Click rate: The percentage of notifications from this step that were clciked through to checkout.

Extra metrics

These metrics can be switched on by clicking Extra Metrics above the Status toggle at the top of the page and can be viewed below each notification step. They provide more data on the individual automation steps, such as how many notifications were skipped over and how many our automation engine has successfully sent.

Extra metrics for each automation step

Skipped: This indicates how many times the automation step has been skipped, either because the customer did not subscribe to push notifications, or they did not trigger the flow for Email and/or SMS.
Completed: This indicates how many of these notifications our system has processed and sent, whether the delivery on the customer's end was successful or not.

Common questions

Why do some customers not see the push or email notifications?
There could be a few reasons for this. For push notifications, the customer's device may not be on when the notification is sent and they have then cleared their notifications or they may have unsubscribed from your site's push notifications. For emails, the customer may have filters for their inbox which affect deliverability. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every push and email notification will be seen on the user's end as there are many factors beyond our control that have an impact, including the settings of their device, browser, and email client.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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