Abandoned Cart Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Anonymous Visitor and a Subscriber?
Subscribers are visitors to your store who have allowed browser notifications from your store and then abandoned their cart, triggering the automation flow. Anonymous visitors are customers who have abandoned their cart without allowing browser notifications or entering any details such as their email address.

How do visitors allow browser notifications?
On most browsers, there is a little padlock icon next to the URL bar where users can change their site settings:

Some browsers and devices work differently (e.g. iPhones do not support push notifications). Here is Google's article on enabling these notifications for Chrome and this article goes over other popular browsers.

I just installed the app and activated the campaigns, but it's not working.
In order for the app to work, it has to be synced first to your store. There are very few instances wherein the app would fail to auto-sync.

Navigate to Settings

Click Sync Store.

If this doesn't fix the issue, please send us a message

What does session limit reached mean?
The 'session limit reached' quota is a notification that appears on your Rivo dashboard once you've had more than 5000 notification prompts on your store within a given 24 hour period. The notification is temporary and will disappear after a few hours. This is an internal message, and your customers will not see it. After a few hours the quota will be lifted once again!

Is the app compatible with a headless CMS architecture / do you provide a public API?
Our apps are currently not compatible with headless CMS architecture as we do not provide a public API for our apps.
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