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A Guide to the Abandoned Carts Page

A Guide to the Abandoned Carts Page

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Abandoned Cart data
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A cart or checkout is considered abandoned when there has been no activity for 5 minutes. When a customer abandons a cart or checkout on your store, it will be logged on the Abandoned Carts page. If they have triggered any of your automation flows — e.g. by subscribing to push notifications or entering their email in the popup form — their automation activity will be tracked here. There are three tab views for this page:

All - This is a list of all abandoned carts.
Recoverable - This is a list of abandoned carts that are eligible for recovery.
Recovered by the app - This is a list of carts that have been recovered by Rivo.

View your abandoned carts by status

Read our guide on the Automation Flow for more information about how automations are triggered.

Abandoned Cart data

Available data on the Abandoned Carts table

The main table on the page displays the following important data:

Customer - The customer's info is displayed here. Push notification subscribers will include a flag and location. The customer's email address will show here if it has been provided. Customers who have not triggered any automations show here as 'Anonymous Visitor'.

Note: Anonymous Visitor carts that have no details provided are not considered eligible for recovery.

Items - The order items that were abandoned.

Abandoned at - The time that the cart was considered abandoned.

Cart value - The total value of the abandoned order, not including tax & shipping.

Status - The current status of the cart. The following statuses can be applied to carts and checkouts:
Abandoned - A cart that has been abandoned.
Recovered - A cart that has been recovered with Rivo's automation (e.g. a customer clicks the checkout link in an Email and completes the order.)
Order Completed - A cart that has been recovered outside Rivo's automation (e.g. the customer decided to complete the order without receiving any notifications.)
Failed - This is rare and usually happens when an email sent to a customer bounces back.
Dropped - This is rare and only happens when the main Automation status is turned OFF while a notification is queued.

Activity - The automation activity for the abandoned cart is displayed here. This updates in real time as notifications are queued and sent.

Tracking cart activity

The Activity column at the end of the Abandoned Carts table lets you track the automation flow's current activity.

When a cart is abandoned, the first notification will be queued:

Afterwards, all notification activity will be logged here, indicating notifications already sent and notifications scheduled to send later:

If a customer clicks-through to checkout on a notification — by clicking on a push notification or by clicking the checkout link in an email or SMS — that activity will also appear here:

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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